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Title Author
How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Any title by Author Tom Hopkins CPAE -
Any title by Author Zig Ziglar CPAE
Any title by Author Brian Tracy CPAE
The Leadership Challenge Kouzes/Posner
Unlimited Power Anthony Robbins
Awaken the Giant Within Anthony Robbins
Raving Fans Dr Ken Blanchard CPAE
The Road Ahead & Business at the Speed of Thought Bill Gates
22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and Branding Jack Trout & Al Ries
Customers For Life Carl Sewell
Positively Outrageous Service T. Scott Gross
The Instant Millionaire Mark Fisher
Leading the Revolution Gary Hamel
McDonalds - Behind the Golden Arches John Love
What They Do Not Teach You at Harvard Business School Mark McCormack
1001 Ways to Reward Employees Bob Nelson
The E-Myth Michael Gerber
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Dr Stephen Covey
First Things First Dr Stephen Covey
Chicken Soup for the Soul Series Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield
Real Magic (and other selections) Wayne Dyer
Brand Building on the Internet Martin Lindstrom/Tim Frank Andersen
Why Men Don't Listen & Woman Can't Read Maps Allan Pease CSP & Barbara Pease
Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Kenneth Silverman
Million Dollar Consulting & Money Talks Dr Alan Weiss CSP CPAE
You Don't have To Be Born Brilliant John McGrath
You Inc. John McGrath
Loyal Profitable Customers Keith Abraham CSP
Secrets of Internet Business Success Gihan Perera
Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas Simon Tupman MBA
Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas Simon Tupman MBA
There is More to Life than Sex & Money Daniel Johnson CSP
Hospitality SCAMS Max Hitchins
Artistry in Training Dr Stephanie Burns
Seducing the Vigilante Customer Graham Harvey
Maximizing Your Learning Potential Glenn Capelli CSP
High Life 24/7 Matt Church CSP
Get What You Want Out of Life and Work Mark Holden
The Use and Abuse of Office Politics Mark Holden
What Shintaro Taught Me Ron Lee CSP
Parenting and Children Books Lisa McInnes-Smith CSP, CPAE
Small Business Street Smarts Peter Thorpe
URG's Cracking the Corporate Culture Code Steve Simpson CSP
Gender Games - Doing Business with the Opposite Sex Candy Tymson CSP
Influence Dr Robert Cialdini
You Can't Win a Fight With Your Boss Tom Markert
The World's Best Sales Tips Ciaran McGuigan MBA CSP
Human Resource Champions David Ulrich
First, Break all the Rules Marcus Buckingham
Smart Marketing for Small Business Gaujers, Harper and Browne
Hope Happens Catherine De Vrye CSP
Blue Ocean Strategy Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne
How to MC Just About Anything Camille Valvo PM, Mike Schoettler MBA & Rob Salisbury CSP
Speak Like a CEO Suzanne Bates
GUANXI - The Art of Relationships Robert Buderi & Gregory Huang
Chinese Etiquette & Ethics in Business Boye Lafayette De Mente
Mastering Business in Asia Andrew Delios & Kulwant Singh
The Idea Book Fredrik Haren
Soaring On Your Strengths Robin Ryan
The Talent War - How To Find and Keep the Best People for Your Company Kerry Larkan
Secrets of Great Rainmakers Jeffrey J. Fox
The Elements of Great Managing Ross Wagner & Dr. James Martin
Book Yourself Solid Michael Port
Persuasion James Borg
Say It Like Obama Shel Leanne
The Truth About Middle Managers Paul Osterman
The Secrets of CEO'S Steve Tappin & Andrew Cave
Market Rebels Hayagreeva Rao
How the Mighty Fall Jim Collins
The New Rules of Marketing & PR David Meerman Scott
Glow Lynda Gratton
Business Journey to the East Chow-Hou Wee & Fred Combe
101 Tough Conversations to have with Employees Paul Falcone
Am I the Only Sane One Working Here? Dr. Albert Bernstein
Twitter Power Joel Comm
Connection Generation Iggy Pintado
Emerging Trends in Professional Selling - Volume 1 Paul Sparks
Employees First - Customers Second Vineet Nayar
The Lords of Strategy Walter Kiechel III
Getting into Singapore - a guide for expats David Goldwich
88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Success at Work APSS / Rob Salisbury CSP - - Marshall Cavendish Asia
The Start Up of YOU Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha - Crown Business Books
Contagious:Why Things Catch On Jonah Berger - Simon & Schuster
365 Thank You's John Kralic - Penguin Books
How Asia Works:Success & Failure in the Worlds Most Dynamic Region Joe Studwell
Executive Intelligence Justin Jenkes
Breaking Good Simon Davie -
Would You Want to Work for YOU Brenda Bence MBA CSP Global -

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