Live From Sydney Australia!

Every person living in Australia should have been proud of the image Sydney presented to the world on New Year's Eve 1999.

No matter who you were with or where you were, Australia received fantastic praise for its visual performance from around the globe.

What an amazing evening as NZ and Australia became the centres of world attention and the main focus of the 2000 New Year celebrations.

While some cringed in anticipation of the "Millennium Bug", many watched on television as 2000 celebrations came into their own time zones one city at a time around the world.

A Big "Wow"

The highlight statement about Australia was from a CNN reporter in the Atlanta, Georgia headquarters" telecast of CNN World News.

She literally said "Wow ... that was live from Sydney, Australia"...her face registering awe at Sydney's spectacular fireworks display and pictures of the Harbour Bridge and Opera house crowds.

Sydney loves to a goodparty and the September 2000 Olympics will showcase the city and people to billions around the globe.

A huge comment for her to make during an evening that presented 70 different cities and their celebrations in their respective time zones.

By now you would know that Australia took the top honours from around the world for its Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Eternity and fireworks display.

The comment, "Wow ... Wow", from the reporter, reminded me of the international author and speaker, Tom Peters.

Tom wrote the 1984 mega hit "In Search of Excellence" and followed it up with several other books through the 1980s and into the 90s.

His 1994 international release, entitled "The Pursuit of Wow", was about organisations with unparalleled customer service and the pursuit of the "Wow" factor in their business plan.

Tom sited 210 observations, over his 25 years of business experience, of people and organisations stepping up to literally knock the socks off their customers.

The observations high-lighted the increase in the bottom-line profits of the companies, the higher levels of employee satisfaction with their work environment and the customer being, quite simply, blown away with their experience.

The common theme of the "Wow" factor, was individuals at all levels within a company (as well as independent contractors) who stand out from the growing number of "wannabe" successes and look-a-likes, to get it right with their customers.

Shining Differences

As companies look for more ways to increase sales, market share and profits, it is often the very basics that are missed. Often these are the things that can make the biggest difference in the competition for consumer trust and long-term loyalty.

When was the last time you received a "Thank You", letter or note from a hotel you stayed at, a restaurant that you frequent regularly, your insurance agent or a friend that you helped to secure a new job or business relationship?

Tom Hopkins, America's leading authority on sales, has taught for 30 years the importance of sending a "Thank You", letter or note to help build long-term relationships and retain customers.

If a multi-millionaire has sent them out for over 30 years, doesn't it make sense to consider it for your own business and personal relationships? (If you need some good ideas, make sure you write to us or e-mail us for examples.)

For years, people have been telling stories about the unprecedented customer service of the giant US retailer Nordstroms. Companies such as David Jones have modelled and adapted a similar type of philosophy into their cultures and the results have been excellent for their clientele.

With the speed of business increasing daily, and the patience of individuals waiting for companies to get it right dwindling, what are you doing to make a positive impact in your long-term customer retention plan?

The World Stage

With the fireworks display, Australia made a major impact on the world in less than 20 minutes and, in doing so, informed everyone that it is serious about "stepping up" on the world stage.

Australia has been noticed, and will continue to be noticed, in the minds of the overseas market - especially with the upcoming Olympic Games in late September - October.

Before 2000 gets too far along, why not take a few moments out to think of how you or your team can increase your "Wow" factor with the people you serve in your market.

Imagine if everyone in Australia this year adopted a customer service mentality to really put the word "service" back into their business and personal plans.

You can bet on one thing ... you will say "Wow" when your net profits go up, the customers are bringing you new business and your team is happier than ever before.

As the Australians say down under, Why not give it a go?"

About the writer / author

Rob Salisbury, B. Com, CSP has addressed over 450 Australian companies and over 2000 teams / events in the U.S. New Zealand, Singapore and SE Asia over the last 20 years.

Rob served as 2001 to 2003 President of the NSW National Speakers Association and five years as a Director on the Australian National Speakers Board. An industry recognised sales and marketing strategist, he was tranferred from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona in 1997 to Sydney Australia.

For more information, contact Rob in Australia at 0412 414 835 or our web site at or

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